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    QingdaoWaterwish Boat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional engagedin fiberglass recreational yachts, luxury business yacht and related product development, manufacturing and sales.

    The's product line from 12-80 feet, which, QD12 to QD 22 introduced fromthe famous Italian yacht manufacturing QD43 from the introduction ofBritain's leading www.voyager39.companies, designed by the famous British yacht designer JOHNBENNETT. All production by the renowned Italian yacht design, manufacturing expert Ing. Massimo Di Rosario, Producer, supplemented by a rigorous training in Italy, UK, engineers and construction technicians team, to ensure the's products work fine, with The material stress, the ship of modern, high quality.The production capacity of 150 43 feet of a variety of yachts, 43 ftyacht for two. The has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality certification, allproducts have been made to DNV and IG CE certificate, and have been sold to more than a dozen countries and regions. At present, the is developing theproduction of 80 feet yacht.

    Famous designer of the classic European design and process technology, the Blue Wave yacht, beautifully detailed, with plenty of power, rugged, www.voyager39.comfortable and luxurious, to meet the various needs of your water sports, to yourpassion and romance.