nterpretation of the gentlemen\'\'\'\'s yacht culture

龙珠体育全站 Start from the middle of the seventeenth century, a royal hunting boat, yacht, "has bewww.voyager39.come synonymous with luxury, loved by the royal family, celebrities and top rich.A luxury yacht interior is magnificent, the living room, master bedroom, room, kitchen, bar, dance floor, karaoke, sound and other equipment readily available, high-tech equipment, www.voyager39.communications and satellite navigation system is everything, doing all youimagination. High purchase costs, maintenance costs, berth fees, but also to build wealth, and the identity of the watershed.

Noble feeling, not only to show off wealth. Even if only a small, private yachts, leaving the port, that is a sea palace, yacht master has a king-like powers, the freedom to manage unique to their own world of luxury.